Our Team

Len Moisan, Ph.D., C.R.R.E.
Len Moisan is founder and president of The Covenant Group. As both a senior vice president at two universities and a consultant to scores of nonprofit organizations, he and his colleagues have been responsible for helping generate over $1 billion in revenues and facilitating and coaching the work of thousands of volunteers. Dr. Moisan has 30 years' experience working with both profit and not-for-profit organizations. Past and current clients include museums, universities, independent schools, conservancies, social service agencies, hospitals, arts groups and churches.

Cheryl Gurr
Cheryl has a diverse background which includes marketing, planning, and analytical experience. She holds a master's degree in business administration from Kansas State University, as well as a B.A. in communications from Azusa Pacific University in California.

Joe Cecil
Joe Cecil is a seasoned professional with broad experience in fundraising, marketing and business development in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. As a protege of Dr. Moisan, he served as Assistant Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Bellarmine University for seven years.

Sarah Stempien
Sarah is a writer and creative specialist. She has a strong background in art and design as well as the quantitative and qualitative research process. Sarah also has excellent marketing skills and assists on The Covenant Group creative and research projects. Before coming to work at The Covenant Group, Sarah served as a teacher and team leader in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

Nevan Hooker
Nevan served in ministry for five years at Southeast Christian Church, the fifth largest church in America, before joining The Covenant Group team. He holds a M.A. in communication from Regent University and recently published Bob Russell's latest book on leadership titled Transition Plan: 7 Secrets Every Leader Needs to Know.

Gary Bernstein
In his 29 years of outstanding professional service to the nonprofit sector, Gary Bernstein has earned an impressive reputation for leadership and management. His activities in the social service sector include his role as CEO, consultant and visionary for a number of nonprofit agencies nationwide. Gary's many skills encompass executive management and consulting, building planning and facility design, Board and donor development, capital fundraising, and fiscal management.

Mr. Bernstein currently serves on the faculty at the University of Louisville. His many duties include teaching and advising, and functions as the department's Internship Coordinator while working with the community in creating partnerships and collaborative efforts. Mr. Bernstein is currently writing a textbook titled, Sports Administration and Leisure Studies in Nonprofit Organizations. Mr. Bernstein has a wife Donna and two children Gehrig & Nikki.

A Few Words About Us

We help organizations build success that lasts.

The Covenant Group is a strategic planning, fundraising, marketing and business/leadership development consulting firm. We exist to help organizations achieve lasting success by providing customized services, senior-level counsel and effective programs within the context of a covenant.

What Is a Covenant?

A covenant is a relationship based on mutual respect, trust and commitment in which two or more people are willingly bound together by a common and ethical purpose. That purpose is bigger and more important than any one individual, and it provides meaning and hope for everyone involved. In the 1830s Alexis de Toqueville observed that the strength of America was found in what he called "covenants" that existed between and among its people—covenants in which they cooperated, helped and supported one another in ways that created functional communities. Sometimes a contractual relationship can lead to a covenant, but that is a direct result of the leadership and choices of the people involved. The following is a matrix that demonstrates some of the differences between covenant and contract.


"The Covenant Group team is highly competent, very experienced and knowledgeable. They provided a broad perspective by equipping us with useful data and best practices in the field. Of course, I would recommend The Covenant Group to other organizations. They are true professionals. Flexible, available… I have nothing but the highest appreciation and regard for Len and his associates. All in all, they are excellent." Dan Jones, President, 21st Century Parks
"Our church body has a renewed sense of focus. Both the elders and the body are united in the direction we are heading. Our stewardship giving is also up. The campaign actually resulted in having a positive effect on normal tithes and offerings. They were readily accessible, engaged and gave us such a personal level of service. We knew they had other clients, but we always felt like we were the only one." Patrick Mauger, Pastor, Beechwold Christian Church, Columbus, OH
"The Covenant Group has a record of structuring and conducting campaigns that exceed goals." Todd Lowe, President of the Board
Actors Theatre of Louisville
"From the beginning, Dr. Moisan was responsive to our needs. I clearly remember our first board meeting when we announced the plan. Len made a moving and dynamic presentation to our board. I believe the campaign's success was defined at that moment. As a result of that meeting, we achieved 100% board involvement! That meeting, that beginning, was really a stellar moment in our campaign." Gordon Brown, Executive Director
Home of the Innocents
"Our campaign is the most exciting thing to happen in our parish in the last 100 years. The Covenant Group is superior in their profession." Gary Libs, Campaign Co-Chair
St. Mary of the Knobs Catholic Church
"The campaign has taken on a life of its own and has been even more successful than we anticipated. Their experience in campaign management was extremely valuable to a rookie like me." Mike Schultz, Vice President of Development
Brooklawn Child & Family Services

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